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Speed up business communications



Optimize the way your company stores & communicates with business contacts on a daily basis.

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Why Pobuca

Once you update a business contact in your smartphone, is this automatically shared with your team?

Boost Collaboration & Productivity

Working together makes you more productive. How much time do you and your co-workers waste to individually keep and update (not shared) business contacts on your smartphones? Keep one up-to-date contact list and share information with your team. Work together to build meaningful professional relationships. 


Increase value with Premium Services

Extend core funcionality. Ready to use apps that automate tasks related to contacts. Since you keep all of your business contacts in one place, use plug & play extensions for marketing campaigns, field sales management, mobile productivity and gifts management.


Access Anywhere & Anytime

Anywhere and Anytime. How many times did you miss business contact info to reach someone while on the go or offline? All your organization contacts are now synchronized across smartphones, tablets and desktops in real-time.


Data Security

Get control of your data! Be on top of your business contacts and secure your valuable information. Moreover, we are very serious about data protection and safety. We do not keep any copies of your contact lists and if you delete the app, your data leave with you. Only people with a verified company email can join your organization contact lists. Read our Terms of use.


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