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A special offering for educational institutions. Upgrade Pobuca to a Student Information System (SIS) & track your school business.


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Edu-ready Benefits

Make the most of technology to create the school of tomorrow, today.

School Automation

Manage your daily processes to boost productivity. Increase revenue as well as students and parents satisfaction. Keep students and parents informed about all issues that concern them, through specialized web and mobile channels.

Education Insights

Reinvent your data, making use of powerful and user-friendly tools, to create sophisticated reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Classroom of the Future

Equip your teaching and administrative staff with a powerful toolkit to manage grades, absences, behaviors and assignments, as well as to schedule meetings and manage seating plans.

Marketing Automation

Get a powerful, true multi-channel marketing solution. Bring qualified leads to your enrollment team and track your marketing activities.

Edu-ready Features

Assets’ productivity

Make the most of your investments, optimizing school buses’ roots, classrooms’ availability, library’s operation and loans, as well as warehouse issues.

Finance optimization

Scrape finance issues together through fully adjustable price lists, payment methods and installments, as well as pending and delaying payments’ notifications.

Student profiling

Keep unified records for your students’ learning achievements, personal info, and financial issues. Make full use of them to provide real time feeds to different stakeholders (parents, portfolios, scholarships office) though web and mobile channels.

Teacher participation

Have your educators with a tablet on their hands to manage seating plans, use sophisticated gradebooks, keep records for absences and behaviors, assign work and schedule meeting with students and parents.

Parents’ information

Make parents’ active members of the school community by keeping them continuously informed about school news, events and issues that they have expressed a concern for.

Marketing & Learning analytics

Use sophisticated learning & marketing analytics to profile students and parents and deliver them tailored-made offers. Discover hidden patterns, correlations and consequences through your data. Invent new ways to improve learning outcomes, cost cutting and business development.

Get started with edu-ready in 3 simple steps!

Sign up FREE!

Use your work email to sign up free to Pobuca and get all of your students, parents and teachers info in one place.

Integrate with SIS

Start your 2-way integration between Pobuca and SIS, in order to digitize your school.

Send your campaigns

Create your marketing list, message and use communication credits (email or sms) to send it to parents or students.

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