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Read below the most frequently asked questions about Pobuca.

Pobuca is the contact management for teams. Our core functionality is to help you easily share contact information with your co-workers in any device. While other contact management systems focus on offering mostly “customer relationship management” features and primarily on desktop, we invest (a lot..) to make Pobuca the de facto productivity app globally for easy communication with business contacts. And in case you need more customer relationship features, we offer Customers-ready Premium, which allows you to automatically upgrade Pobuca to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in just a few clicks!You can schedule a demo here.

Pobuca is a business contact management app that helps you and your co-workers share a common contact list. We use your work email domain ( to group users under the same organization and automatically start sharing contacts without compromising security..  

We may do an exception for you. Just send as an email at with your company and employees information (Company name, website, full name and email of employees).

Go to the menu tab “Invite” and type the emails of your co-workers. Having done that, we will send the invites with instructions and a link for your co-workers to sign up to Pobuca. Another alternative is to ask them to subscribe to Pobuca with their work email and they will automatically join your shared contact list. You can watch here our how-to video or read our blog post.

Go to the menu tab “Settings”, then select “Co-workers Panel”. A list of all your co-workers accessing the contact list will be displayed. If you are set as an administrator, you will be able to choose the ones you want to revoke access from. Check our how-to video or read our blog post.

It is good that you are using Pobuca! Just install the app on your new phone and log in! In a few minutes, all your contacts will be transferred to your phone.

The level of support is set accordingly to the Plan you have subscribed (FREE, PRO, ENTERPRISE). Learn More in this document for the software maintenance support options. In addition, we provide support service packs that cost a mere 60€/hour for business support, special customizations or training.

You can use Pobuca’s excel template to import all of your contacts at once or the mobile app to import from your smartphone contact list. If you have various files with contacts you may use our Pobuca Bot, and in a couple of days you will get a structured address book in Pobuca. Read our blog post.

At the moment, you can access them on desktop through the web app or download Pobuca mobile app to access while on the go. Soon we will launch an outlook and windows app.

Of course. You can tag any contact you have created as “private” and then you will be the only one who could view, edit or delete this contact. This is a feature of all versions.

Your contacts are safely stored in the cloud and we are using enterprise level Microsoft infrastructure (Azure) . You can read more about Privacy & Security here.

No, we have absolutely no access to your contacts unless you request it... Our employees are under a very strict NDA and you  can read more about Privacy & Security here.

Of course. For any partnership deals or propositions you can contact our CEO at

It depends on what Plan you have subscribed in.

FREE Plan. 1st You can invite your co-workers, for each one who signups to Pobuca you get extra 5.000 contacts with a maximum of 50.000 contacts. 2nd You can upgrade to PRO Plan. Schedule a demo.

PRO Plan. 1st You can invite your co-workers, for each one who signups to Pobuca you get extra 10.000 contacts with a maximum of 100.000 contacts. 2nd You can upgrade to ENTERPRISE Plan. Schedule a demo.

ENTERPRISE Plan. No problem! Unlimited Contacts for you ;)


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