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Assistant from the Future

Meet Pobuca bot. She imports, updates, calls and connects you with business contacts stored in Pobuca using physical language with the user!

All you have to do is to give access to your contact lists, and she’ll build a solid address book with business hierarchy and structure. She initially imports any file with contacts to Pobuca (well, now that she is young she sometimes needs our help so be patient!) and processes business cards or email signatures creating new contacts. Moreover, she continuously does the “dirty” job for you and cleans-up your organization address book from duplicates, orphans and missing data!

  • Chat or talk* to Pobuca bot with physical language and ask her to reach any of your business contacts.
  • Automated initial import from multiple sources: she accesses unstructured files with contacts (word, excel, .pst, .txt...), Outlook/Gmail contact lists using machine learning algorithms.
  • Creates new contacts by processing business cards & email signatures. Automatically associates them with their organizations.
  • Auto cleaned-up contacts list: she manages orphan contacts, finds duplicates, suggests contacts that need attention, gets updates from social media.
  • You can use Pobuca as an entry point for CRM implementation: start with a solid address book with all your organization contacts created by Pobuca bot and export them to any CRM system.

Watch now: https://youtu.be/IifGUhrNd-c


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User Permissions

Manage Access & Security

Your business contacts are a valuable asset and we very well understand this. Imagine how messy is the situation without Pobuca and check below the sophisticated user permissions and sharing capabilities we support.

  • Isolate and control your organization contacts! Restrict unauthorized access.
  • When a new co-worker comes he automatically gets access to your contact list by subscribing with his work email.
  • Set security roles to users: owner, read, write, update, delete or custom role.
  • Group users in business units & subsidiaries and by departments
  • Ask for access from the contact owner in your business
  • Boss-Admin special security access & collaboration

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Business Structure

Business Structure and Features

Pobuca is designed from the ground up with the business user in mind. It has a CRM structure for the contact list (organizations with related contacts), but in a very simple, mobile-first interface.

Our focus is to let you easily find any contact information related to your business, from any device.

  • Separated contact lists for co-workers, external contacts and organizations. Contacts are automatically associated with organizations they work for.
  • Smart search and filters
  • Free text notes in contacts with keyword #hashtags for better search results
  • Reminder to call a contact
  • Easily invite your co-workers to Pobuca – just ask them to subscribe with their validated business email.
  • Build your custom fields in contacts to better serve your business needs
  • Share contact information or your digital business card through email or text message.
  • Mobile offline access - no internet connection is required in your smartphone to reach your contacts.

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Microsoft O365

Pobuca & Microsoft O365: Better Together

Pobuca integrates with O365 and therefore you can buy the paid version directly from Microsoft Office Store.

  • Pobuca supports initial import of contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Pobuca integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory & O365 for its user authentication. This means that you will be able to login to Pobuca with the same credentials you are using for O365 or your company’s AD.
  • The Pobuca Outlook add-in supports the following features from inside Outlook:
  1. Search for any contact or organization stored in Pobuca.
  2. View contact details if you click on a name after search.
  3. Store a new contact or organization. You have also the option to copy & paste an email signature and then Pobuca e-mport will take care of it and store it properly.

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Sync with 3rd party apps

Sync Contacts with External Systems

You can sync information stored in Pobuca with external 3rd party systems. For example you may already have a CRM system that you store your contacts and don’t want to buy expensive licenses for all your employees just for address book access. We are experts in integration services and we can help you to accomplish you custom connection.

  • Use Pobuca API to communicate with other apps.
  • Sync contacts with CRM systems or 3rd party LOB applications.
  • Export contacts to an Excel file
  • Connect Pobuca with zappier

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Premium Services

Valuable In-App Purchases

With Pobuca you get all your organization or team contacts in one place. Why not extend your possibilities with “contact related” apps that perform common tasks?

  • Campaigns-ready: send personalized email & text campaigns to your contacts.
  • Fieldsales-ready: Field sales automation and merchandising.
  • Customers-ready: easily upgrade Pobuca to a CRM solution (Microsoft Dynamics CRM).
  • Mobi-ready: packaged productivity solution bundled with hardware for mobile workforce (available only in Europe).
  • Gifts-ready: organize and distribute corporate gifts to your business contacts.

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