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All in One packaged solution for your mobile workforce including tablet, internet, software and services.


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Mobi-ready Benefits

Maximize productivity by working secure and reliable anytime, from anywhere.

All in One

Every subscription includes a tablet device and accessories, installed apps & tools, and ongoing support and coaching by us in order to get you started. We’ve equipped Mobi-ready with android tablets, including Internet Data 30GB/month. Mobi-ready account comes loaded with preconfigured platforms and tools that includes everything you need to get down to business — all in the cloud.

Increase Productivity

Mobi-ready is designed by productivity experts using state of the art collaboration software and hardware that maximizes mobile workers productivity. Users can access all the information they need FAST, RELIABLE and SECURE.

Collaborate from anywhere

A service developed with collaboration in mind. It works with Office 365 apps & platforms so you can collaborate with your teammates: when writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on project plans, scheduling meetings, and with customers: by using a range of communication tools. Mobi-ready has all the answers against the challenges your mobile workers are facing everyday.


Downtime means lost worker productivity and ultimately costs money. Our services have a 99.9% scheduled uptime. We are using Microsoft's multiple datacenters, located all over the world, hosting redundant network architecture. As for the hardware issues we are able to make an end to end replacement only in a few days!

Mobi-ready Features

Shared Documents & Files

One place for your work. Work on files from anywhere, Collaborate in real time by sharing securely and co-authoring on the same files with your team.

Team & Contacts Management

You will have common contact lists with all of your coworkers and business contacts. Make notes, record meetings, organize / assign tasks and get updates on project progress, keep your teams messages.. all in one place shared with your team.

Stay in Touch

Online video conferencing presence and chat. Make your online meetings with anyone. Chat real time and make phone or video calls with your team.


Personal e-assistant: find and communicate with your contacts fast & easy. Fieldsales-ready: Increase the precision, efficiency and focus of your field sales processes.

Ongoing Coaching

Get access to productivity coaching through webinars or live training in order to be more productive. You’ll also learn all about Office 365 through in-person coaching, access to online materials, and a customized learning plan.

24/7 Support

Staying productive means minimizing interruptions. Services include: Incident management, technology support (phone, email and live-chat), coordinating escalation, tracking and reporting.

Choose the PLAN that suits you.

Our pricing is simple and you can cancel or change your plan at any time.

For Teams



Personal e-assistant (PobucaBot): 15 €
Field Management (Fieldsales-ready): 20 €


Advanced Integrations

Pstn conferences through cloud (no extra integration)
Activate Phone Capabilities or Integration with PBX
Integration with Organization's email/domain
Integration with O365

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