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Why Pobuca

It's where teams share contacts

It’s well known that contacts play a vital role in the companies’ viability. Undeniably, In the fast-paced business world it’s not what you know that counts the most but rather who you know and how easy it is to contact them. You probably know the feeling… lots of new contacts on your smartphone and the need to share them with your colleagues feels a little daunting. Therefore, there’s no time to lose.

Pobuca (read how to get started) is a cloud app that turns your multiple, overlapping and non-connected business contact lists into one unified company address book thats easy to access from everywhere and ready to share with co-workers or business associates. Meet the built-in PobucaBot, your very own virtual assistant, to help you keep business contacts up to date and always at your disposal. 

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"Great way for teams to keep in touch"
- Murat OZTURK, Service Manager at Gbh Telekom

"I wanted to create a shared contact database with my colleague. That happened fast and hassle free."
- Sabrina Herlo, Startup Relations Manager at Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca

"Great tool to keep your organizations contacts at one place"
- Christian Strandbrink, Zedcom Tele & IT

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Full set of Pobuca features:


Share contact lists

Share contact lists by inviting your coworkers or external partners to join you on Pobuca.


Bring business contact details in Pobuca, or get them out as and when you please (using our template Excel files)

Relate contacts to organizations

Relate new or existing contacts to the organization they work for.


Set reminders for you and your coworkers to call or email someone at a specific date and time.



Keep contacts, coworkers and organizations in sync across every device you use. (available platforms: Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Outlook)


Scan business cards

Take a photo of a business card and automatically have a new contact (and organization) created on Pobuca. (available on mobile apps)

Capture email signatures

Automatically create and update details of contacts found on email signatures.

Custom fields

Use custom fields to add more context to your contacts and organizations for better segmentation and fast search.

Caller ID

Get contact recognition for every call you receive through Pobuca, even if you have not saved the contact details on your smartphone.

Private contacts

Keep some contacts private to you and not shared with your coworkers. 

Set teams

Create custom contact lists with strict user permissions for your different teams (marketing, sales, support etc.)


User permissions

Set user permissions for your coworkers on shared contact lists (roles: admin, editor, reviewer)

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Pobuca Integrations:

Pobuca integrates with Outlook (Install Pobuca for Outlook)

Install Outlook add-in on your account. Scan emails to find unsaved contacts and automatically save them in Pobuca, search fast & easy for contact details, create an email signature with your profile info or share contact details of saved contacts.

Pobuca integrates with Zapier (Coming Soon)

Connect Pobuca with other apps to increase productivity on your everyday workload.

Pobuca integrates with Vodafone OneNet

Vodafone OneNet products is using Pobuca as the central database of business contacts and organizations requiring the least human effort to find business contact details to communicate, increasing productivity internally.

Pobuca integrates with Azure Active Directory (Request a 14-day free trial of Pobuca Enterprise)

Active Directory integration makes your users more productive by providing a common identity for accessing both on-premises applications and cloud services such as Pobuca. You need first to connect your on-premises directory with Azure AD (if not already implemented) and Pobuca professional services team can deliver this project “turn-key” using Azure AD Connect.

Pobuca integrates with O365

Pobuca integrates with O365 to increase business workers’ productivity by providing common credentials for O365 services and Pobuca account.


Pobuca integrates with Dynamics CRM

Pobuca integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM synchronizing business contact and organization details.

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Access your contacts everywhere

Pobuca is on any device you use every day. Sync business contacts and access them from everywhere.


Web AccessOpen on Browser (Press Ctrl + D)

Tip: Access the web app for administrative tasks (initial import, relate contacts to organization, invite coworkers, set user roles & permissions, set teams, set private/public contacts etc.)


Mobile AccessDownload Pobuca app for iPhone / Download Pobuca app for Android

Tip: Access the iOS or Android app for everyday use (scan business cards, search, call, email business contacts, set reminders etc.)


Desktop Access – Windows: Download 32bit / Download 64bit  Mac: Download Pobuca for Mac

Tip: Place Pobuca app in Windows startup and access all your organization contacts with one click while at the office. Read how to use Pobuca desktop app.


Outlook AccessInstall Pobuca Outlook add-in 

Tip:  Access the Outlook add-in while you are sending or receiving business emails (scan emails for new contacts, create email signature, search, share business contacts etc.)

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Meet PobucaBot, your virtual assistant!

PobucaBot is sweet and friendly, your virtual assistant that will manage your Pobuca account and create, update, find & connect you with business contacts or coworkers.

You can find PobucaBot in many different places, such as:


Windows app: Download now the Pobuca app for Windows 10 and ask PobucaBot for everything (contacts, organizations, reminders etc.). For older Windows versions,  download 32bit or download 64bit.


Mac app: Download now the Pobuca app for Mac OS and ask PobucaBot for everything (contacts, organizations, reminders etc.).


Outlook add in: Install Outlook add-in and ask PobucaBot to search your account for unknown business contacts and automatically save them in Pobuca.


Slack (Coming Soon): Chat with PobucaBot on Slack and ask to give you access to any details of business contacts stored in Pobuca.


Facebook Messenger (Coming Soon): Make PobucaBot your friend and chat to get information fast and easy of any business contact or organization you have stored in Pobuca. 


Skype (Coming Soon): Add PobucaBot as one of your contacts on skype and chat to get contact details of people you want to reach.

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