We are Pobuca! 

We are experts in productivity, collaboration and CRM technologies since 2000. Pobuca is a spin-off startup from SiEBEN, where our team came together and won the “Innovation Day Challenge” by contemplating this idea.

February 2015 was a starting point to an exciting journey! That is when we found out that 62% of business workers feel that they are wasting time in search of a business contact and its details!  Now imagine a world where, once you have inserted/updated a business contact on your smartphone, everybody in your team, can access it as well!!! How awesome is that? No more flying blind in search of details… Pobuca is the bridge you have been looking for, to improve this typical productivity issue!

What does Pobuca mean?

Actually it means nothing… and everything! BUsiness ContActs in your POcket = PO-BU-CA

Our dream is to change the way businesses store and access their contacts! Contacts evolve...

Our Vision is every organization worldwide to use Pobuca and realize its productivity value!

Our story, our value

Meet the Founders

Isidoros Sideridis
Stavros Lagousis
George Sachpatzidis
Technical Director
Iro Karsou
Product Manager

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