Get to know Pobuca! 

It all started in February 2015 as experts in productivity, collaboration and CRM technologies since 2000, introduced Justphonebook as a spin-off startup of SiEBEN, which was materialized by the collaboration of our team and led us to win the “Innovation Day Challenge”. However, as we aim at the global market, we have adopted a global attitude, as well. Thus, Justphonebook has been renamed to Pobuca, a globally registered name for contact management.

What does Pobuca mean?

Since our main goal is to keep all the BUsiness ContActs in POcket, we created a name, which is a blend of some letters of these three key words.

The philosophy upon which we are based is that business workers need to improve the way they access their contacts-especially through their mobile devices. Our market research has revealed that in the fast-paced work environment, 62% of business workers feel that they waste a lot of precious time tracking information and communication activities linked to contacts. Not to mention that each of them has at least three digital devices but still doesn’t have easy access to business contact details.

Pobuca aspires to solve this problem and modify the way businesses store, share and access their contacts globally.

Our vision is to encourage every company worldwide to use Pobuca and realize its productivity value. We take pride in meeting business workers’ needs ahead of our competition.