Working on a large company requires custom fetaures, security policies and the best support you can get. That's Pobuca Enterprise.


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About Pobuca Enterprise

Get the collaboration, easy-access and control you need for business contacts in your organization. Use it company-wide as it scales to fit your business needs.

Pobuca at scale.

Working together makes you more productive. Have a centralized secure storage of unlimited business contacts accessed from everyone according to user roles & permissions. Access different systems (using Pobuca enrichment tool) and get full profiles with latest info of your total business network. Read below the total set of Enterprise features.



Microsoft for Pobuca.

Integrate with Azure AD & O365 for user authentication to give easy Pobuca access to all your employees with the same Microsoft credentials they already use for O365. Install Outlook add-in to give company-wide access to business info while they are sending emails.



Security compliance.

Get control of your data! Be on top of your business contacts and secure your valuable information. Moreover, we are very serious about data protection and safety. We do not keep any copies of your contacts list and if you delete the app, your data leave with you.



Pobuca marketplace.

Extend core funcionality of Pobuca Enterprise. Install ready to use apps that automate tasks related to contacts, since you keep all of your business contacts in one place, use plug & play extensions for marketing campaigns, field sales management, mobile productivity, education and gifts management. Or upgrade to a CRM solution (strating from €50/user/mo).



Enterprise Features

Sync with CardDAV

Sync Pobuca contacts to a contacts folder in Outlook using the CardDAV protocol. Through CardDAV you can also sync Pobuca contacts to the default contacts app in your smartphone. You need the Enterprise version of Pobuca for this feature. 

Integrate with PBX

With Pobuca you can access your business contacts on mobile – why not on your desk phone as well? With PBX integration you can sync Pobuca contact lists with desk phone directories using LDAP and make users more productive.

Custom interface & features

In need of a special customization which is not included in Pobuca? An interface different from the default one? White labeling our app and distributing it in big quantities to your market, perhaps? No worries, we can deliver!

Import contacts from any file

In most cases sources of business contacts are fragmented in personal address books, CRMs, paper business cards, email signatures. PobucaBot, your virtual assistant imports, checks for updates and communicates with contacts using physical language with the user.

Integrate 3rd party apps with Pobuca

You have 3rd party applications that need access to your business contacts? Using Pobuca API you can connect with your own services and keep contact details and information up-to-date across all parts of your organization.

Custom Backups

Pobuca professional services team can design for you custom database backups consistent with your policies. We can store backups on cloud or send them to your premises using dedicated hardware.

Get Started with Enterprise

Schedule a call with our experts & start sharing business contacts company-wide.

Get CRM features with a more advanced solution

Upgrade Pobuca to a CRM with all your business contacts automatically imported

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