The mobile-first contact management app, this is where teams share contacts. Pobuca offers enterprise level features to scale from few users to thousands.


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Enterprise Benefits

Pobuca gives you the control you need for business contacts in your organization. Use it company-wide and store all your contact information.

Start sharing your business contacts

In modern businesses we share any kind of information with co-workers: documents through file servers, calendars to arrange meetings, company-wide reports. Amazingly, this is not the case with contact lists! Let’s see if you pass the Pobuca challenge: Once you update a business contact in your smartphone, is this automatically shared with your team as it should be? If not, can you find a way to do it? How much time do you and your co-workers lose to individually keep and update (not shared) contacts on your mobile phones? Pobuca gives you a company-wide and unified address-book.


Access contact lists from mobile

Only 20% of business workers solely use their desk phones to make phone calls. The rest 80% use mobile devices and therefore need anywhere access to their organization contacts (internal or external)! Pobuca offers synced contact lists in any device that also work while offline.


Always be in control

Do you protect and have company policies for your valuable assets? Why not to including your contacts then? With Pobuca you should not worry any more if a salesman leaves the company and takes all your organization contacts with him. With advanced privacy & security settings you can ensure that information is accessible only under certain conditions.


Save valuable time

Updating contact information is definitely a boring thing to do. Moreover, how much time do you waste trying to reach someone for your work? Meet Pythia, the Pobuca AI bot that will be your personal e-assistant: she imports from any source, automatically updates and calls contacts stored in Pobuca using physical language.


Enterprise Features

Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory

Active Directory integration makes your users more productive by providing a common identity for accessing both on-premises applications and cloud services such as Pobuca. You need first to connect your on-premises directory with Azure AD (if not already implemented) and Pobuca professional services team can deliver this project “turn-key” using Azure AD Connect.

Integrate with PBX

With Pobuca you can access your business contacts on mobile – why not on your desk phone as well? With PBX integration you can sync Pobuca contact lists with desk phone directories using LDAP and make users more productive.

Custom interface & features

In need of a special customization, which is not included in Pobuca? An interface different from the default one? White labeling our app and distributing it in big quantities to your market, perhaps? No worries, we can deliver!

Import contacts from any file

In most cases sources of business contacts are fragmented in personal address books, CRMs, paper business cards, email signatures. With Pythia, the AI Pobuca bot we help you initialize your address book in Pobuca with all your organization contacts from any kind of source.

Integrate 3rd party apps with Pobuca

You have 3rd party applications that need access to your business contacts? Using Pobuca API you can connect with your own services and keep contact details and information up-to-date across all parts of your organization.

Custom Backups

Pobuca professional services team can design for you custom database backups consistent with your policies. We can store backups on cloud or send them to your premises using dedicated hardware.

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