Big companies have big needs. Managing business contacts seamlessly and securely is one of them. That's Pobuca Enterprise.


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About Pobuca Enterprise

Use Pobuca Enterprise to manage your business contacts and communicate on any device, improving collaboration and productivity for your employees.

Pobuca at scale.

The desired functionality is achieved with no limits in no. of contacts, companies, teams or devices. Pobuca Enterprise is the perfect plan for large or growing organizations with increased complexity, seamlessly supporting groups of companies with multinational subsidiaries and affiliations. Use PobucaBot to import and organize your company contacts. Access Pobuca training material for user onboarding. Get customized security options and usage reports. Finally, if you use Microsoft Azure Stack you can host Pobuca on premises for regulatory compliance.


Perfect for your Microsoft ecosystem.

If your organization...inhabits in the Microsoft ecosystem, with Pobuca Enterprise you feel like home! Integrate with Active Directory (Azure AD) or O365 for user authentication and give easy Pobuca access to all your employees with the same Microsoft credentials they already use. Install Pobuca Outlook add-in or download Windows 10 app and offer users easy access to all organization contacts with just 1 click. Finally, as Microsoft Gold Partners, Pobuca Enterprise is always up to the challenge of any kind of custom integration with Microsoft software.


Campaign-ready to meet your goals.

Build meaningful relationships with your professional network. Deploy your communication strategy with targeted email campaigns to your contacts. Get valuable insights with rich analytics on recipients' activity. Monitor engagement and identify the best calls to action.


Ready to integrate with your infrastructure.

Integrate Pobuca Enterprise easily with 3rd party software or your PBX. With Pobuca API, you can connect with your own services and keep contact details and information up-to-date across the organization. Also, Pobuca works great with Zapier to connect with your favorite apps and automate workflows.


Stay always secure and compliant.

Be on top of your business contacts and secure your valuable information, while being GDPR compliant. Also, note that your data protection and privacy is always a top priority to us. We don’t keep any copies of your contact list and if you delete the app, your data is permanently deleted too; that’s a promise!



Enterprise class features

Admin panel

The administrator has access to a panel where Pobuca Enterpise users and features are managed and users or external partners can be invited to get access to the Pobuca Enterprise contact list and make their organization teams. There is also an option for “build to order” usage reports.

User permissions & privacy

User access roles are easily set with read, write, delete and edit options. The same applies to the privacy settings to your contact lists; some contacts are for your eyes only, others for specific teams or global for your company. In a few words, full control, privacy & security for your contacts.

Control exports

You have full control of your organization contacts. You can assign rights of who can export contacts from Pobuca Enterprise or sync them to smartphones and Outlook through CardDAV. Pobuca Enterprise is a closed “silo” of data and you shouldn’t worry about what will happen with contacts if a salesperson leaves the company.

Clean-up/enrich contacts

Keep your contact list accurate and up to date. PobucaBot is here to help you with your initial entry, identifying possible duplicates or missing data and automatically enriching contact profiles by scanning the web & social media for more information.

Custom interface & features

Need a tailor-made customization which is not included in Pobuca Enterprise? An interface different from the default one? No worries, we can offer a white label app for you to distribute in large quantities to your market.

Flexible support plans

You can build a customized support plan based on your needs with a fixed price. Pobuca support team is available 24/7 to assist you within 2 hours. Pobuca is a cloud app and therefore you get bug fixes and new software versions automatically.